Salina Masons Gift To Our Community

Salina Innovation Foundation was formed in July 2017 by Salina resident Mary Landes, with the mission to save the Salina Masonic Temple, keeping ownership local and as a community resource for education, coworking, art, performing arts, wellness, culinary arts and business incubation.


As a generous and incredible gift to Salina, the Salina Masonic Temple Foundation voted unanimously September 1, 2017 to donate ownership of the building to the Salina Innovation Foundation. This building will be accessible for the first time, as a resource for our community.

The Masons have a 99-year lease at no cost for the 5th and 6th floors of the Salina Masonic Temple building as their space. The Masonic bodies will continue to meet, and to be active in the building on those floors.

Our Mutual Agreement

One board member of the Salina Innovation Foundation will always sit on the Masonic Temple Foundation board, and they have a member on our board as well. We will always work together to ensure the building is respected and cared for, understanding that communication between the foundations is vital to the success and future of this incredible building.

The Salina Innovation Foundation is working to curate a Masonic Museum in our 1st floor lobby, to display historic relics from the building, and to tell the story of who built the Masonic Temple and honor the history of Masonry in Salina.

If you are interested in sharing memories, relics or photos of the building with us for the museum, or helping with our mission, please contact Executive Director Mary Landes at 785-201-3132 ext 4.